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Local to You!!!

Our story...

We are a team of Food Blogger and Photographer.  For our product shoot, we always searched for props by going to markets, malls, surf online and what not! Even we looked for unique products and affordable props. Being in a metro city, we know how tedious task it is.

In India, every place has it's own kind of local products. There are so many hidden talents which we are unaware of. 

Buying products online is a good solution for all. So we came up with this idea where we can help everyone and has access to get the products - doesn't matter wherever you are in India and Outside. We even want to bring out the talents and showcase their work and products to everyone. We are happy to collaborate with local vendors and talents. We want to go Vocal for Local. 

Our local products are for 'Everyone' - whether you are a food photographer or homemaker, or commercial use for restaurants and cafes! Even our props can be used for other Photography like Fashion Photography, Wedding Photography and Baby Photography. 

The core idea of us is to help local vendors and talents. Style your food with our props or use it for your regular use! Our main motto is to make our products a useful one for your photography and kitchen use and to be a store that you can rely on. 

We are making our best to help you and local vendors by our 'The Local Store'. All our products are from India and we ship across PAN India for now. 

What we provide...

Props are just as important as the food in a food photograph. With your food photography, the props are what makes the food stand out with different colours and textures. 

Make sure to go through our all products - Cookware, Kitchen essentials, Backdrops and many more.

We make sure to deliver the quality items with good protection and packing of products. 

We can even do the customised size for a few particular products. If you need any customisation or have any queries then please feel free to get in touch (add link). We are always happy to help! 

Happy Shopping and Styling!  

Our Mission is to help each and everyone with good service and product right at your doorstep and make your life easier! 

Our Vision is to expand our business by joining more hands with local vendors and best help our customers to get access to their choice of products!


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